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The Earthquake-Safe Homes Program offers grants to owner-occupants of 1-4 unit homes to pay for seismic retrofits for earthquake safety. This funding opportunity is closed. You can join the waitlist to be notified if additional funding becomes available.

This funding opportunity is closed. Applications are still being reviewed awaiting project approval.
ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES:Property must be located in the City of Oakland.
Single-family homes or 2-4 unit residential structures that are wood-framed at the lowest level with a raised continuous perimeter foundation that includes cripple walls (no “slab on grade” foundations);
At least one unit must be occupied by the owner as his/her primary residence;
Has not passed a final seismic retrofit permit inspection by the City prior to the date of application;
Priority will be given to homes constructed or permitted for construction prior to December 19, 1957.
ELIGIBLE MEASURES:Grant funds may only be used for seismic retrofitting, which includes foundation bolting, installation or strengthening of shear walls and cripple walls, and installation of code-compliant seismic bracing systems.
Eligible non-structural measures include hazard mitigation of masonry chimneys, providing flexible utility line connection, installing state-certified gas safety shut-off valves, and water heater strapping.
ESHP ALLOWABLE COSTS:Construction costs charged by a licensed third-party contractor for eligible seismic measures.
Permit fees strictly necessary for the completion of eligible seismic measures.
Only for properties ineligible for a prescriptive retrofit: seismic retrofit engineering fees related to the eligible seismic measures, as charged by California-licensed design professionals, including necessary costs for as-built documentation and condition assessment.
GRANT AMOUNT:Grants cover 75% of total ESHP allowable costs. The required owner match is 25% of project costs.
Low- and moderate-income homeowners with a household income equal to or less than 80% of Area Median Income may be eligible for additional financial assistance. See application for more information.
Although costs vary, a typical prescriptive retrofit (one that does not require an engineer) costs about $4,500. Homes that are ineligible for a prescriptive retrofit require plans to be drawn up by a design professional. Engineered retrofits may cost up to $20,000 or more depending on the home and site.
After final permit sign-off by the City, grant funds will be disbursed to homeowners on a reimbursement basis or paid directly to third party vendors.
Additional Terms & Requirements

Homeowners receiving funds from the CEA Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program are not eligible for City grant funds. All properties must be approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). All construction must be performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as program requirements established by the City of Oakland, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and FEMA. All construction work must receive final approval by the City’s Planning and Building Department. Any retrofit expenses (including those related to engineering, construction or permit costs) incurred prior to issuance of a Notice to Proceed by the City of Oakland will not be eligible for funding. Applicants must submit complete application materials, including 8 photographs of the property from specified angles. Property owners who are ultimately selected to receive funding will receive detailed information about program requirements.Program terms may be changed as necessary to comply with FEMA grant requirements.

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