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Rules About Noise

Construction noise allowed only during times indicated below:

PermitOMC SectionWeekdaysSaturdaySunday/Holiday
Grading15.04.7807:00 am ~ 9:00 pm8:30 am ~ 6:00 pmProhibited
No restrictions on hours.
See note below for sound-level restrictions.
UseFor restrictions on hours, refer to Conditions of Approval.
See note below for dB sound-level restrictions.
Design ReviewFor restrictions on hours, refer to Conditions of Approval.
See note below for dB sound-level restrictions.
For all construction activity including grading in a residential area:
7:00 am ~ 9:00 pm -- 70 dB for five minutes maximum sound level in one hour.
Additional Nuisance Noise Controls8.18.020Persistent Noise9:00 pm ~ 7:00 am
Construction-related noise
8.18.010Domestic Power Tools9:00 pm ~ 6:00 am
Domestic Power Tools
17.120.050aDomestic Power ToolsAnytime in excess of allowed residential noise standards

Rules About Parking

Keep all roadways free of construction materials and equipment that could block access by responding emergency vehicles. Park all trucks, trailers, dumpsters, heavy equipment, cement mixers etc. on one side of the street at the construction jobsite leaving an open lane for vehicular traffic and emergency response vehicles. Parking in posted "No Parking" zones and painted "Red Zones" is a violation of California Vehicle Code and will be enforced.

Rules About Hill Areas

Construction that occurs within the established boundaries of the Wildfire Prevention Benefit Assessment District of the Oakland Hills must comply with fire safe practices including having fire extinguishing apparatus on site (fire extinguishers or connected / ready to use water hoses) no open flames, no smoking on "Red Flag" high fire danger days and conscientious use of power tools and mechanical equipment.

Rules About Erosion Control

Best management practices must be used daily to protect inland and bay waterways.

Rules About Toilet Accommodations

Toilet facilities are required at or adjacent to the work site per OMC 15.04.080.

Rules About Illegal Dumping

Disposal receipts are required as part of the sign-off and closure


Building Department, Fire Marshal's Office, Parking and Traffic Enforcement, Public Works Agency, and the Police Department, are authorized to abate public safety violations. Failure to comply will result in permit suspension, citations, fees, and penalties.