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ISupplier Certification/Re-certification Guide

User Guide (Assessment)

The City encourages all businesses with a substantial business presence in Oakland to apply for the Local Business Enterprise (LBE) or Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Very Small Local Business Enterprise (VSLBE) certification.

Certification/Recertification Steps:

1. Log into iSupplier. (If you are not a registered user, follow the iSupplier Registration Process instructions.)

2. Complete all the sections under the "Administration" tab i.e. Address Book, Products & Services etc., in iSupplier (except the bank account information).

3. In Business Classification section click on the "Local Certification request form" to request for a certification or re-certification application.

Certification Benefits

Earns bid discount and preference points whether you are a Certified for-profit or nonprofit business
Increases the number of Oakland certified businesses participating in City contracts and in development projects
Increases the circulation of City dollars within the Oakland community to stimulate a stronger economic base
Helps develop Oakland certified businesses through joint ventures and through mentor/protégé relationships