Storm Drain Maintenance

Remember, never put leaves, grass clippings, oil or trash into the drainage system! And never dispose of those items in the street, because debris could be swept into the system by storm water.

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The Storm Drain Section maintains and repairs the storm drainage system in public areas and along City roadways. We routinely clean the drainage system and remove any obstacles blocking the flow of water. Storm drains flow directly to the Bay, and as important part of Oakland's watershed, it is important that nothing but rain water enters the storm drains.

Maintenance of Oakland’s Storm Drain system includes:

  • Clean & inspect more than 7,500 storm inlets
  • Clean & inspect five primary trash collection units (CDS)
  • Service approximately 137 weirs (areas where natural water courses enter our storm drain infrastructure)
  • Clean & inspect 402 miles of storm pipe
  • Provide vegetation management of City creek areas