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Major Encroachment Permit

An Encroachment Permit allows your privately owned and maintained item or facility to occupy the public right-of-way.

Application for Major Encroachment Permit (ENMJ)
(510) 238-3199
Questions? Please call the DOT Permit Counter

A Major Encroachment (ENMJ) is defined by the Oakland Municipal Code as “…anything attached to a structure or constructed in place so that it projects into the public right-of- way such as basement vaults, kiosks, covered conveyors, crane extensions, earth retaining structures, and structure connected planter boxes, fences, or curbs. Projections over any public street, alley or sidewalk in excess of the limitations specified in the Oakland Building Code shall also be classified as major encroachments, including theater marquees, signs suspended above the sidewalk, oriel windows, balconies, cornices and other architectural projections.”

Apply Via Email: email your completed application to DOTOnlinePermits@oaklandca.gov.

Apply In Person: The DOT Permit Counter is open to the public at our Permit Center on the 2nd Floor of 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Click here to schedule an appointment. Please note: masks are required for entry into City buildings.

If you have questions about the Major Encroachment Permit, please call the DOT Permit Counter at 510-238-3199 or email DOTOnlinePermits@oaklandca.gov.

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