Why Do I Need an Encroachment Permit?

The City of Oakland Municipal Code requires permits for encroachments: No person shall, except in compliance with the terms of a major, or minor, or short term encroachment permit issued according to the provisions of OMC Chapter 12.08, encroach upon or into the public street or sidewalk area in the city in a manner for which such permits or permit would be needed.

  • Major encroachment permits are granted by resolution of the City Council.
  • Minor encroachment permits are granted by the Director of Planning and Building (add link to Planning and Building).
  • Short term encroachments are handled by the Oakland Police Department Special Events Unit.

How Do I Obtain a Short Term Encroachment Permit?

Print out the Encroachment Petition and Encroachment Permit or obtain the form from the Special Events Office, Eastmont Substation (Tuesday–Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm):

2651 73rd Avenue Oakland, CA 94601 (at the Eastmont Town Center)
phone: (510) 777-8525

Canvass and obtain supportive and non-supportive signatures from residents/businesses affected by the encroachment. Submit the encroachment petition to the Special Events Coordinator (Eastmont Substation). The Special Events Coordinator will have you complete a short term encroachment application. The Special Events Coordinator will advise you if additional documents are required (e.g., liability insurance verification). Completion and acceptance of the short term encroachment request does not constitute approval of your request. Appeals for denied short term encroachment permits are handled by the City Administrator’s Office Notes: A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 may be charged in compliance with the Master Fee Schedule. The short term encroachment petition and application must be completed with supporting ALL documentation at least 2 weeks before the proposed event.

Are There Any Encroachment Permit Restrictions?

The following restrictions shall apply to encroachment permits:

  • Encroachment permits cannot be issued any more than semi-annually to the same group or organization.
  • There must be reasonable emergency access during the event and acceptable alternative routes for traffic.
  • No encroachment permit shall be issued if the activity will cause great inconvenience to any one person, business or organization.
  • Block parties must be non-profit, not for personal use.
  • Flea market activities will not be authorized.
  • Encroachment permits do not cover charitable events. Applicant should seek Charitable Solicitation Permit (Oakland Municipal Code, Chapter 5.18).
  • Kiddie Jumpers are not allowed on City streets.