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Temporary Cannabis Events

Application Instructions

Events requiring permits

  • Dances, parades, concerts, or any event that requires a street closure.
  • Events open to the public that will be attended by 50 or more people.
  • For profit or non-profit sponsored events that meet the above criteria.
  • Parties on your own property - whether you rent or own - when you are inviting members of the public.

You do NOT need a special permit if you are having a party on you own property for invited guests only (whether it’s inside or outside).

Application instructions: File your application and questionnaire with the Oakland Police Department at least 30 days prior to your event:

Insurance: You must provide proof of liability insurance for your proposed event.

Sound amplification: Contact City Administrator (see below) to learn if the amplification equipment your event will use requires a sound permit.

  • Nancy Marcus - 510-238-3294 -
  • Jasmine Chan - 510-238-6914 -

To hold a party in a public space (e.g. a City park) you will need to request a reservation with the Office of Parks and Recreation by phone at 510-238-3187 or by email at