Zoning Eligibility for ADUs

To check your neighborhood zoning eligibility, click on the interactive map below and type in your property address. Zoom in and click on your parcel to retrieve the "Complete Parcel Information" showing your zoning details. Then check the table below to see whether your ADU project (Category One or Category Two) is eligible within your zone.

Interactive Zoning Map

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Date Posted: October 25th, 2019 @ 2:59 PM
Last Updated: October 28th, 2019 @ 1:41 PM

All ADUs Permitted*

Category I ADUs Permitted* | Category II ADUs Prohibited When Base Zone Is Also an S-9 Zone
ADUs Prohibited, Unless Prior Single-Family Dwelling Exists (Conditional Use Permit Required) All ADUs Prohibited

RU-1, RU-2, RU-3 RH-1, RH-2, RH-3, RH-4 RU-4, RU-5 CIX-1A, CIX-1B, CIX-1C, CIX-1D, CIX-1, CIX-2
R-80, RD-2, RM-1, RM-2, RM-4 CN-1, CN-2, CN-3, CN-4 IG
C-40, C-45 RD-1 CC-1, CC-2, CC-3 IO
HBX-1, HBX-2, HBX-3, HBX-4 CBD-R, CBD-P, CBD-C, CBD-X M-20, M-30, M-40
S-1, S-2 RM-3 S-15, S-15W
D-KP-1, D-KP-2, D-KP-3 D-BV-1, D-BV-2, D-BV-3, D-BV-4 D-CO-1, D-CO-2, D-CO-3, D-CO-4, D-CO-5, D-CO-6
D-CE-3 D-CE-1, D-CE-2, D-CE-4, D-CE-5,

D-OK-1, D-OK-2, D-OK-3 D-LM-1, D-LM-2, D-LM-3, D-LM-4, D-LM-5 S-3
* = Not permitted if accessed by a street with less than 20 feet clear width or by a dead-end street longer than 600 feet or by a dead-end street longer than 150 feet without an approved turnaround.

Zoning Key:

C-40 - Community Thoroughfare Commercial | C-45 - Community Shopping Commercial | CBD - Central Business District | CC - Community Commercial | CIX, IG, IO & M - Industrial | CN - Neighborhood Commercial | D-BV - Broadway Valdez District Commercial | D-CE - Central Estuary District | D-CO - Coliseum Area District | D-KP - Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center District | D-OK - Oak Knoll District | D-LM - Lake Merritt Station Area District | HBX - Hosuing and Business Mix Commercial | R-80 - High-rise Apartment Residential | RD - Detached Unit Residential | RH - Hillside Residential | RM - Mixed Housing | RU - Urban Residential | S-1 - Medical Center Commercial | S-2 - Civic Center Commercial | S-3 - Research Center Commercial | S-9 - Fire Safety Protection Combining | S-15 - Transit-Oriented Development Commercial

ADU Types:

Category One

  • Located entirely within the building envelope of a Single-Family Home with independent exterior Access OR
  • Located Entirely within a detached accessory structure legally existing prior to Jan. 1, 2017 and involves no expansion of the existing structure, side and rear setbacks are sufficient for fire safety.

Category Two

  • Involves construction of a new structure, or an exterior addition to an existing structure.