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The Oakland Fire Department conducts 25,000 inspections annually in the high fire hazard area of the Oakland Hills. These inspections are required by City and state law.

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Date Posted: September 10th, 2018 @ 11:48 AM
Last Updated: September 13th, 2018 @ 1:03 PM

Vegetation Management Inspection Process

  1. Property owners receive written reminders by mail. These reminders include property maintenance requirements before inspections start in mid-May.
  2. Property owners should plan to remove weeds, tall grass, brush, and tree limbs that pose a fire hazard. You can learn more about these requirements in our brochure.
  3. City of Oakland Fire Suppression District Inspectors or Oakland firefighters will conduct inspections. Property owners are not charged for the first inspection.
  4. After inspection, property owners will receive a Vegetation Management Inspection Report. This report will have the results of the inspection.
  5. If your property does not pass the initial inspection, you must address violations.
  6. The inspector will leave a copy of the report at the property to notify the owner of a re-inspection. The owner will also receive a mailed copy of the report.
  7. Your property will be re-inspected 30 days after the date of the initial inspection.
  8. Re-inspection fees are charged based on compliance.

Vegetation Management Inspection

  • Re-Inspection Fees (after 30 days)
    1. Non-compliant – Fee assessed
    2. Compliant – Fee waived
  • Second Re-Inspection Fee (after 15 days)
    1. Non-compliant – Fee assessed
      1. Compliant – Fee waived
  • Non-compliant properties
    • The property owner will receive a hearing notice by certified mail with a scheduled hearing date within 10 days. There is an administrative fee charged for the hearing.
    • The property owner must appear at the hearing.
    • The owner must show evidence of correcting the violations or present reasons this correction did not occur.
    • If there is no evidence or no valid reasons for failure to correct violations, the property will be listed for a competitive bid to correct the violations.
    • After the competitive bid is selected, a contractor will correct the violations. The cost of the labor will be billed to the property owner or processed as a lien.

Appeals Process

You can request an administrative hearing or appeal in writing.

  1. Write a brief statement that includes the following information:
  2. Define your legal interest in the decision or order
  3. Describe the specific order(s), decision(s) or determination(s) you want to appeal
  4. Describe the reasons for your appeal or propose an alternative correction
  5. Include the signature and mailing address of the property owner
  6. Verification of the truth of the statement for the appeals hearing
  7. Mail the written request for an administrative hearing or appeal with the accompanying fee
  8. The request must be received within 14 calendar days from the date of the relevant order, decision or determination reference in the appeal.