Oakland Slow Streets Corridor Evaluation Status and Results

Date Posted: January 28th, 2021 @ 10:30 AM
Last Updated: March 8th, 2021 @ 12:51 PM

The Oakland Slow Streets Program is in Phase II - Program Evaluation and Context Specific Changes. As of July, 2020, there have been no new Slow Streets. In recognition that Slow Streets are not working the same for every neighborhood, existing corridors are being evaluated and context specific changes based on feedback are being made. For some corridors, surveys are being sent to every resident/business along each slow street corridor soliciting feedback on that specific corridor. Other corridors are being evaluated based on feedback from the organizations that they were implemented in partnership with. Based on the feedback, Slow Street signage and barricades will either be upgraded to more durable materials and other context specific changes made or the Slow Street will be removed. Corridors are being reached out to as materials for upgrades become available in order of priority level as defined by the Geographic Equity Toolbox and maintenance needs.

Corridors with Completed Evaluation and Modifications

Ney Ave (73rd Ave to 82nd Ave)

  • November 2020: The Ney Ave Slow Street was installed in partnership with the local Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to address issues of traffic and interpersonal violence. As a result of ongoing communications with the NCPC, the Slow Street on Ney Ave was upgraded to more durable barricades including Type 3 barricades with Slow Street specific signage and flex posts drilled into the street.

Brookdale Ave (Fruitvale Ave to Kingsland Ave)

Corridors Currently Under Evaluation/Implementation

Arthur St / Plymouth St (Havenscourt Blvd to 104th Ave)

  • December 2020: Survey sent to residents with results available here as they are received. There were not enough responses to the survey to make a determination and additional outreach will be done to determine the future of Arthur St/Plymouth St.

16th St (Wood St to West St):

32nd St (Mandela Pkwy to San Pablo Ave)

E 16th St (23rd Ave to Fruitvale Ave)

Corridors to Be Evaluated Next

  • 11th Ave / Bayview Ave / Elliot St / E 34th St (E 8th St to Park Blvd)
  • 34th Ave / Davis St / Humboldt Ave (Foothill Blvd to School St)
  • 62nd Ave/Fenham St/64th Ave (International Blvd to International Blvd)
  • Alice St (11th St to 19th St)
  • Bellevue Ave (Perkins St to Grand Ave) / Ellita Ave (Grand Ave to Bellevue Ave) / Staten Ave (Grand Ave to Bellevue Ave)
  • E 23rd St /26th Ave / 25th Ave / E 29th St / Sheffield Ave (Fruitvale Ave to MacArthur Blvd)
  • Tiffin Rd / Potomac St / Laguna Ave / Carmel St / Coolidge Ave / Morgan Ave / Maple Ave / Wisconsin St / Patterson Ave / Bayo St / Steele St (Lyman Rd to Buell St)
  • Wayne Ave / Athol Ave / Wayne Pl / E 19th St (Hanover Ave to 13th Ave)
  • West St (W Grand Ave to 14th St)

Corridors to Be Evaluated in the Future

  • 42nd St (Adeline St to Broadway)
  • 59th St / Howell St / Ayala Ave / Forest St (Adeline St to Claremont Ave)
  • Colby St (Woolsey St to Claremont Ave)
  • Dover St (52nd St to Alcatraz Ave)
  • Shafter Ave / 48th St / Webster St (Forest St to W MacArthur Blvd)