Oakland Slow Streets: Corridor Modifications And Essential Places Improvements

Date Posted: January 28th, 2021 @ 10:30 AM
Last Updated: October 26th, 2021 @ 5:47 PM

Beginning in October 2020, OakDOT made location-specific changes to the Oakland Slow Streets Program in recognition that Slow Streets corridors were not working the same in every neighborhood. One corridor was evaluated and modified based on feedback from the neighborhood group that OakDOT had partnered with to implement the Slow Street. For some other corridors, surveys were sent to every resident/business to solicit feedback on that specific corridor. The resulting modifications included Slow Streets signage and barricades being upgraded to more durable materials and the installation of additional treatments at major cross-streets. With the reopening of schools in summer 2021, OakDOT removed some Slow Streets barricades at specific school locations in response to requests from those schools and to allow for AC Transit to resume its school bus routes. Additionally, OakDOT has replaced barricades and signs with more durable materials in spot locations to reduce the overall maintenance needed to sustain the program.

Bancroft Ave and Avenal Concrete Median Construction

Essential Places Improvements

In addition to the Slow Streets corridors, OakDOT implemented Essential Places – rapidly deployed pedestrian safety improvements on major streets at essential services including grocery stores, health clinics, and food distribution sites. Initially installed with temporary treatments, OakDOT has since upgraded the following locations with more durable materials:

  • Bancroft Ave at Avenal Ave: concrete pedestrian safety island allowing pedestrians to cross one direction of Bancroft Ave at a time; located at a supermarket
  • Fruitvale Ave between International Blvd and Foothill Blvd: road diet reducing the number of travel lanes pedestrians must negotiate in crossing Fruitvale Ave; located at multiple health clinics and markets
  • 14th St and Market St: bulbouts to widen sidewalks and shorten crossing distances; located at a school
  • Adeline St at 18th St: hardened centerlines reducing the speed of turning drivers to support pedestrians crossing both Adeline St and 18th St; located at a branch library and a senior center
  • 18th St west of Adeline St: hardened centerlines at a mid-block school crosswalk to calm traffic; located at a park and a school

Slow Streets with Corridor-wide Modifications

Ney Ave (73rd Ave to 82nd Ave)

  • November 2020: The Ney Ave Slow Street was installed in partnership with the local Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to address issues of traffic and interpersonal violence. As a result of ongoing communications with the NCPC, the Slow Street on Ney Ave was upgraded to more durable barricades including Type 3 barricades with Slow Street specific signage and flex posts drilled into the street.

Brookdale Ave (Fruitvale Ave to Kingsland Ave)

Additional Slow Streets Corridors with Survey Results

Arthur St / Plymouth St (Havenscourt Blvd to 104th Ave)

16th St (Wood St to West St):

32nd St (Mandela Pkwy to San Pablo Ave)

E 16th St (23rd Ave to Fruitvale Ave)