Window Replacement

Building Permits are required for any window replacement in either a residential or commercial structure.

Work for Team Oakland

Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) each summer hires approximately eighty Team Member positions for youth ages 15-18, and approximately twelve Team Leader positions for young adults ages 19-24. Applications are being accepted now!

Written Examination

Learn about the two ways to complete the police officer written examination requirement.

Zero Waste Services Procurement History

The City of Oakland adopted a Zero Waste Strategic Plan in 2006. In 2011 the City began a process of Zero Waste System Design preparing for the expiration of Franchise service contracts in 2015. This page documents the steps the City took in that process from design through the issuance of new contracts. Material is shown in reverse chronological order.

企業資源更新 – EWDD 2020 年 10 月 30 日

屋崙市的經濟與勞動力發展部 (EWDD) 會定期寄送重要的最新資料給企業、非營利機構、獨立承包商以及為其提供支援的合作夥伴組織。這些是可用資源的重點摘要。

企業資源更新 – EWDD 2020 年 10 月 9 日

屋崙市的經濟與勞動力發展部 (EWDD) 會定期寄送重要的最新資料給企業、非營利機構、獨立承包商以及為其提供支援的合作夥伴組織。這些是可用資源的重點摘要。