Oral Exam

OPD requires that all police officer applicants pass a an oral exam. OPD offers workshops to help prepare applicants to succeed with this step in the process.

Oversight of Measure B, BB and VRF

​The TEP is a 30-year plan that includes strict accountability measures to ensure all funds are spent on approved projects. It requires an open and transparent public process to allocate the funds.

Parking Enforcement: Automated License Plate Readers

According to Oakland Municipal Code 9.64.030, Section 2C, “City staff shall make the Surveillance Impact Report and Surveillance Use Policy, as updated from time to time, available to the public as long as the city uses the surveillance technology in accordance with its request pursuant to Section 9.64.020 A.1.” The Surveillance Use Policy and Surveillance Impact Report for ALPR for Parking Management and Enforcement documents are available on this page.

Participating Lenders

Contact a community loan officer at one of our Participating Lenders to determine if you qualify for the MAP or CalHome program, the purchase price of the home, and to pre-approve you for mortgage financing.

Past Meetings

The City and Port attended the following virtual meetings to get feedback on the TMP Year 1 actions related to truck routes and truck parking in West Oakland.