Planning & Building Services - Quick Reference Guide

The following is a summary table of the Planning & Building Department's core services, including Building Permits & Plan Review Services, Planning Application Services, Code Enforcement, Inspections and Records Requests. Below, you will find quick links and contact e-mails and phone numbers to receive assistance. Please note that in this unprecedented time, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through a considerable backlog of applications, service requests, and inquiries.

Date Posted: October 14th, 2020 @ 3:41 PM
Last Updated: October 28th, 2021 @ 11:20 AM

Building Permits & Plan Review Services

Service Details

General Questions

Permit Inspection Scheduling Requests: (510) 238-3444 or

Permit Inspections Technical questions:

Code Enforcement Complaint Filing: (510) 238-3381

Code Enforcement/Complaints/Inspections:

Permits: Permit Questions Portal

Plan Check:

Phone: (510) 238-3891

Submit to the Digital Inbox:

Zoning Information: (510) 238-3911

Building Permits, Forms & Codes

Resource Pages:

  • Building Permits: Common permits by type and related checklists.
  • Building Forms: Commonly used Building forms that are required for different types of projects
  • Building Codes: Local Building Codes, California Building Codes, Oakland Amendments, and Green Building codes

Online Permits

Get Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing (MEP), solar system, or building alteration permits through our Accela Citizen Access Permit Center

Re-Roofing & Insulation Certificates

To install new roofing on or insulation in a building when the work is not directly related to a required building permit.

Go to:

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Visit for general ADU permit information. Email for questions and appointments, to be held remotely. Submit plans to

Over The Counter (OTC) Projects

Email us at We’ll review your OTC project by phone or conference call. You will be instructed on how to digitally submit your application, plans (if needed), and other supporting documents.

Plan Intake

Email us at We'll answer your questions and help you prepare to submit plans electronically. We’ll provide comments back to you remotely by phone, email, and teleconferencing as needed.

Building Fee Payments

Pay by phone by calling 510-238-4774 or online after registering with credit card at our Accela Citizen Access Permit Center

Permit Cards

We will email you a PDF that you can print.

Planning Permits & Strategic Planning Services

Service Details

General Questions

Permit Questions Portal

Planning Permits/Applications and Appointments

Intake appointments will take place by phone or conference call, subject to availability. Schedule your appointment via email at Include your plan sets and necessary information. Staff will instruct you on how to proceed after receiving your appointment request.

Planning Forms, Codes & Project Requirements

Resource Pages:

  • Planning Forms: Commonly used Planning/Zoning forms and applications that are required for different types of projects
  • Planning Codes: Local Planning codes, updates, and bulletins.
  • Planning & Building Permit Fees & Project Requirements: Assess permit fees for your project; review zoning, design guidelines and code requirements; find various forms and applications
  • See the City Zoning Map: Our online map allows residents to enter an address and identify information for specific properties, such as zoning district, height area, historic significance, General Plan designation, and Impact Fee Zone. A downloadable map is also available

Strategic Planning Questions

Call or email the planner who has been working on the project you are interested in. See our Neighborhood and Citywide Plans and Policy Projects pages for more information and contact information. Strategic Planning staff will monitor phone messages and respond to email.

Code Enforcement Services

Service Details

Code Enforcement Services

Call 510-238-3381 or file complaints online at our Accela Citizen Access online portal

Report Code Violations

Visit OAK 311 or download the app


Service Details

Building Inspections

Please note that project managers must acknowledge and adhere to protocols and procedures as outlined in the Alameda County Shelter-in-Place Orders and as required by the Planning & Building Department (detailed here).

To schedule an inspection as per the above, please call 510-238-3444.

Answers to common Building Inspection questions can be found here:
Building Inspections Website

For questions, email

Records Requests

Service Details

Public Records Requests

To make an online request, visit: https://oaklandca.nextrequest....

Property Records Request Forms

The standard application costs $298.35 and can take up to two months to process. The expedited application costs $596.70 and can take up to 15 business days.

Viewing Archived Plans

Appointments can be scheduled to view archived plans. For questions, please contact