Storm Drain Maintenance

Remember, never put leaves, grass clippings, oil or trash into the drainage system! And never dispose of those items in the street, because debris could be swept into the system by storm water.

Street Lighting

Information and Documents about Street Lighting in Oakland

Stucco & Siding Replacement

Stucco and siding are applied to outdoor surfaces of buildings. The need for replacement or repair can be due to age, weather, dry rot, aesthetics choices, or other concerns.

Studio Rates

For more information please call or email the Stage Manager, Amir Clark

Submit a Building or Zoning Revision for Your Permitted Project

During construction, projects may encounter a need to revise their approved project plans. In most cases*, the building inspector will identify the need for revisions and issue a correction notice with the steps that the project will need to undertake. Below are the different types of revisions and processes to submit revised plans for review and approval by Oakland's Planning & Building Department. Please note that BW and ZW records are NOT permits; they are temporary application numbers assigned by the permitting system in order to route applications accordingly.

Supplemental Planning Forms

In addition to the Basic Application for Development Review, most project applications also require supplemental forms including findings for conditional use permits, design review and variances. The list of supplemental forms found below is for your convenience, but you may need to talk to a planner, permit technician, or plan check engineer to advise you on the permits your project may require.