Studio Rates

For more information please call or email the Stage Manager, Amir Clark

Submit for Plan Check

​Once you submit all of your required documents and building permit fees​, our Building Services engineers will review your plans for compliance with applicable codes and regulations​.

Supplemental Planning Forms

In addition to the Basic Application for Development Review, most project applications also require supplemental forms including findings for conditional use permits, design review and variances. The list of supplemental forms found below is for your convenience, but you may need to talk to a planner, permit technician, or plan check engineer to advise you on the permits your project may require.

Sworn Personnel Demographics

These semi-monthly reports contain demographic, hiring, and attrition data for OPD's sworn and professional staff.

Talent Acquisition & Sourcing

The OWDB helps businesses find qualified candidates to fill their available positions by working across several local and regional networks. Our partners can work with employers to develop or refine job descriptions as needed to enhance the matching process. Some organizations may also have capacity to serve as an intermediary to review candidate qualifications and filter employment-related inquiries.

Temescal Pool

Temescal Pool is located next to Oakland Technical High School near Studio One Arts Center.

Tenant Protection Ordinance

The Tenant Protection Ordinance (“TPO”) provides tenants legal recourse if they are harassed by the property owner. The TPO is meant to deter harassment by property owners. The TPO provides civil remedies for violations. The Rent Board is creating regulations, which will be posted November, 2020.