School Field Trips Walking Tour

School field trips -- our "Know Your City" tours -- are offered year-round. Chaperons must be provided by the school at a 1 to 5 adult-to-child ratio.

Sea Level Rise

To plan for and adapt to the effects of rising ocean levels, the City has prepared a Preliminary Sea Level Rise Road Map. Building on multiple studies of the potential for sea level rise to affect people and property in Oakland, this Road Map sets forth the projections for rising Bay levels, the impacts of king tides and storm surges in association with these changes, identification of critical facilities, and a series of recommendations for how the City and the community can help prepare for these impacts.

Search Lobbyist Disclosures

Lobbyist registration and activity reports can help answer questions about who is spending money to influence Oakland public officials and policy. Use our Campaign Finance and Lobbyist Public Access Portal to search for and view registration forms and reports filed by lobbyists.

See the City Zoning Map

Use this dynamic map to enter an address and identify information for specific properties, such as zoning district, height area, historic significance, General Plan designation, and Impact Fee Zone.

Senior Centers

Six senior centers are located throughout the City of Oakland and managed by the City’s Department of Human Services. Senior centers provide social, recreational, nutritional and educational activities to older adults in our community.

Services to Find Work

The City supports programs that provide training and support services for both job seekers and employers.

Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Services Division of Oakland Public Works is responsible for performing preventive maintenance to over 934 miles of sewer main, ranging from six inches to over 66 inches in diameter.