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2018 Monthly IMT Reports

* 56th Report - September 2018
* 55th Report - August 2018
* 54th Report - July 2018
* 53rd Report - May 2018
* 52nd Report - April 2018
* 51st Report - February 2018
* 50th Report - January 2018

2017 Monthly IMT Reports

2016 Monthly IMT Reports

2015 Monthly and Quarterly IMT Reports

2014 Monthly IMT Reports

2013 Monthly IMT Reports

2012 Monthly IMT Reports

2011 Monthly IMT Reports

2010 Monthly IMT Reports

First Independent Monitoring Team (2003 - 2010)

On August 28, 2003, U.S. District Court Judge Thelton Henderson (Northern District of California) approved the appointment of an Independent Monitoring Team (the IMT) to monitor compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement. This team served during the seven years of the Agreement, from June 2003 through January 20, 2010. Its status reports provide a clear and comprehensive account of OPD’s status regarding compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement over thaThird Reportt time period.

OPD Semi-Annual / Annual Reports - 2003 - 2015

The Negotiated Settlement Agreement requires that the City and OPD file regular status reports with the court, showing what OPD has done to comply with the provisions of the Agreement. Copies of these reports can be accessed below.

20th Report - 中国语文 - Español
19th Report
18th Report
17th Report
16th Report
15th Report
14th Report
Combined 12th and 13th Report
Combined 10th & 11th Report
Combined 8th & 9th Report
7th Report
Combined 5th & 6th Report
4th Report
3rd Report
2nd Report
1st Report