Police Policy Manual

Chapter 1 - Law Enforcement Role and Authority

100Law Enforcement Authority1 JUL 16
101Chief Executive Officer1 JUL 16
103Policy Manual1 JUL 16

Chapter 2 - Organization And Administration

201Special Orders1 JUL 16
202Emergency Management Plan22 Aug 16

Chapter 3 - General Operations

302Handcuffing and Restraints13 JUN 17
304Electronic Control Weapon Policy13 JUN 17

Chapter 4 - Patrol Operations

405Ride-Along1 JUN 17
415Immigration1 JUN 17
移民政策I JUN 17
Inmigración1 JUN 17
430Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)25 JUL 16

Chapter 5 - Traffic Operations

Chapter 6 - Investigation Operations

609Cellular Site Simulator Policy17 FEB 17
610Private Video Camera Registry15 FEB 18

Chapter 7 - Equipment

Cash Handling, Security and Management Policy8 AUG 17

Chapter 8 - Support Services

Chapter 9 - Custody

Chapter 10 - Personnel

Departmental General Orders

Manual of Rules

General Order NumberEffective DateTitle
DGO A-0128 Jul 08Departmental Publications
DGO A-0209 Jul 18DGO A-02 Administrative Communications
DGO A-0309 Jul 18Department Organization
DGO A-0419 Jan 00Police Reserve Program
DGO A-0610 Jul 96Departmental Historian
DGO A-0709 Jul 18Annual Management Reports
DGO A-1015 Nov 99Training and Reference Material, Purchase and Maintenance
DGO A-1221 Apr 00Suggestion System
DGO A-148 Apr 97Security of Police Administration Building
DGO A-1629 Jun 99Public Information
DGO A-1719 Apr 00Crime Analysis
DGO A-1816 Dec 03Management-Level Liaison
DGO A-1909 Jul 18Supervisory Span of Control
DGO B-0130 Nov 98Department Awards
DGO B-0228 Jun 00Termination-Unpaid Leave-Mandatory Leave
DGO B-0330 Jul 01Outside Employment
DGO B-0423 Dec 13Personnel Assignments, Selection Process, and Transfer
DGO B-0519 May 99Training and Self Improvement Funds
DGO B-0626 May 06Performance Appraisal
SO 879126 Nov 07Revision of DGO B-06
SO 88325 Mar 08Update of DGO B-06, Part II - Performance Review
DGO B-0730 Dec 05Public Appearances
DGO B-082 Jun 14Field Training Program
DGO B-1027 Oct 00Funeral Procedures
DGO B-1111 Jan 00Use of Gymnasium
DGO B-1230 May 07Firearms Range Program
DGO B-1322 Aug 00Recruit School Performance Standards
DGO B-1415 Apr 08Emergency Information Records
DGO B-1511 Apr 08Police Cadet Program
DGO B-1615 Jan 09Volunteer Police Chaplaincy Program
DGO B-1722 Apr 15Critical Incident Stress Management Program
DGO B-206 Apr 05Department Training Procedures
DGO B-2123 Feb 99Department Honor Guard
DGO B-2229 May 09Supervisory Notes Files
DGO C-0130 Oct 17Uniforms and Equipment
DGO C-201 Jun 00Uniform and Equipment Damage Claim
DGO C-0424 Apr 14Safety Equipment
DGO C-052 Aug 9Badge-Cap Shield-ID Card- and Call Box Key Control
DGO C-0612 Mar 15Safety Glasses
DGO C-084 Dec 09Oleoresin Capsicum
DGO D-012 Jul 99Overtime Accounting and Compensation
DGO D-0231 Aug 99Family Death Leave
DGO D-041 Apr 10Illness and Injury Procedures
DGO D-0616 Jun 98Representation Units
DGO D-0725 Jun 99Personnel Assignment and Distribution
DGO D-099 Dec 99Hours of Duty and Meal Periods
DGO D-1030 Jul 99Jury Duty
DGO D-121 Jun 09Military Leave
DGO D-1317 Jun 99Assignment to Acting Higher Rank or Classification
DGO D-13.114 May 14Acting Sergeants
DOG D-1525 Jul 96Domestic Partner Benefits
DGO D-1624 Dec 03Check In and Orientation Procedures
DGO D-1720 Nov 13Personnel Assessment System (PAS)
DGO E-0115 Jul 11Departmental Subpoena Service
DGO E-0211 Jun 99Warrant Service on Department Personnel
DGO E-0325 Apr 00Civil Action Proceedings
DGO E-03.19 Oct 09Department Notification
DGO E-4022 Mar 13Domestic Violence
DGO E-0715 Jul 11Probable Cause Declaration
DGO E-07.103 Oct 14Electronic Consolidated Arrest Report
DGO F-0102 Mar 09Toll Crossing
DGO F-0225 Apr 08Business Travel
DGO F-0310 Apr 00Federal Asset Forfeiture Management
DGO F-041 Nov 07Plainclothes Operations
DGO F-0523 Jun 00Undercover Expenditures
DGO F-0615 Aug 00State Asset Forfeiture Management
DGO F-0715 May 07Drivers Licenses
DGO G-0128 Feb 01Communicable Disease Control
DGO G-0201 May 00Occupational Accidents
DGO G-0424 Aug 98Department Safety
DGO G-0523 Feb 00Handling Hazardous Material
DGO G-0611 May 99Major Incident Board of Review
DGO G-0730 Dec 88Emergency Evacuation Procedures
DGO H-0218 Jun 99Property of Deceased Persons
DGO H-0312 Dec 11Depositing Property and Evidence
DGO H-0413 Mar 00Weapons Taken from Mentally Disordered Persons
DGO H-0615 Nov 00Police Seals
DGO H-0703 Jul 13Withdrawing, Viewing and Returning Evidence
DGO H-0811 Sep 00Property and Evidence Unit Security
DGO H-0921 May 01Disposal of Firearms and Miscellaneous Weapons
DGO H-1012 Dec 11Property Clearance and Disposal
DGO I-011 Jul 09Personal Computers
DGO I-0512 Jan 08Communications Control and Coordination
DGO I-067 Oct 97Police Escort for Private Conveyances
DGO I-0728 Mar 12Radio Call Numbers
DGO I-1415 Dec 09Computerized Police Reporting
DGO I-15.121 Jul 15Portable Video Management System (Body Worn Cameras)
DGO I-169 Jan 09TeleStaff
DGO I-16.15 Sep 08Daily Detail
DGO I-177 Sep 07GETS Card
DGO I-185 Dec 07Computer Mnemonics
DGO I-192 Feb 09Cell Phones
DGO J-016 Aug 99Recovered Bicycles
DGO J-021 Feb 02Traffic Collisions Scene Management
DGO J-037 Apr 00Towing Procedures
SO 603125 Sep 01Towing Procedures, 25 Sep 01
SO 80986 Dec 05Towing Procedures, 6 Dec 05
SO 879325 Nov 07Update of DGO J-3 and RWM T-19, Towing Procedures
DGO J-0418 Jan 14Pursuit Driving
DGO J-04.130 May 07Emergency Driving Procedures
DGO K-0316 Dec 13Use of Force
DGO K-0416 Oct 14Reporting and Investigating the Use of Force
DGO K-04.116 Dec 15Force Review Boards
DGO K-0525 Feb 00Tactical Operations Team
DGO K-066 Oct 08Patrol Rifle Program
DGO K-0916 Oct 14Department Canine Unit
DGO K-1028 Feb 14Undercover Operations
DGO L-0330 Oct 13Assistance to Outside Jurisdictions and Mutual Aid
DGO L-0817 Mar 00Aircraft Hijacking
DGO L-0929 Mar 02Power Outage Plan
DGO M-0222 Dec 00Report Processing and Detaining
DGO M-0322 Dec 17Complaints Against Departmental Personnel or Procedures
DGO M-03.110 Nov 08Informal Complaint Resolution Process
DGO M-03.26 Dec 05Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB)
DGO M-03.324 Dec 10Integrity Testing
DGO M-0401 Dec 17Coordination of Criminal Investigations
DGO M-04.107 Sep 16Criminal Investigations Involving Active Law Enforcement, or a Member or Employee of the Department
DGO M-0629 Sep 97Prisoner Lineups
DGO M-0725 Oct 96Citations for Adult Misdemeanors
DGO M-0827 Oct 00Follow-Up Reporting Procedures
DGO M-097 Dec 07Release of Records
DGO M 09.017 Dec 07Public Records Access
DGO M-106 Nov 01Recovery of Stolen Property from Secondhand Dealers
DGO M-111 Dec 00Restitution as a Condition of Probation
DGO M-134 Jan 01Reporting and Investigating Hate Crimes
DGO M-159 Nov 01Release of Information About Sex Offenders
DGO M-1728 Jun 99Criminal Intelligence
DGO M-1813 Nov 14Arrest Approval and Report Review
DGO M-1915 Nov 04Prohibitions Regarding Racial Profiling and Other Bias-Based Policing
SO 904211 Jun 10New Procedures Regarding Stop Data Collection
SO 906113 May 11New FBR Integrated Stop Data and Field Interview Form
DGO N-1223 Mar 01Departmental Audits and Inspections
SO 80119 May 03Compliance Unit Liaison Policy
DGO O-013 Oct 14Mentally Disordered Persons
TF-3354Sep 14Mental Health Resource Card
DGO O-1.13 Oct 14Crisis Intervention Program
SO 909825 Mar 13Addition of Mental Health Disposition Code
DGO N-014 NOV 94Ordering Supplies and Services
DGO N-02.127 Jan 11Purchase and Inventory of Supplies
DGO N-0315 Jul 11Control of Department Forms
DGO N-0715 Jul 11Reprographics Service
DGO N-0925 Sep 07Police Grants
DGO N-1223 Mar 01Department Audits and Inspections
DGO O-1.13 Oct 14Crisis Intervention Program
DGO O-0406 Jun 14Informants
DGO O-0615 Mar 01Missing and Abducted Persons
DGO O-06.18 Sep 11Amber Alert
DGO O-0710 Nov 00Victim - Witness Assistance
DGO P-0219 May 00Admin Per Se
DGO O-0931 Oct 01Detention of Juvenile Offenders
DGO P-0610Jul 09Offenses Involving School Personnel
DGO Q-0118 Jun 12Major Incident Notifications
DGO Z-031 Sep 10Alarm Systems

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) - - Provides an analysis of OPD relevant labor market data and employment practices