Lien Demand Request Form


Submit Lien Demand Request Form

150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Citywide Liens
Oakland, CA 94612

There are many different kinds of liens and assessments. These are the kinds of liens you might have put on your property if you don't pay your bills.

· Garbage Liens

· Business Tax Liens

· Real Estate Transfer Tax Liens

· Sidewalk Liens

· Sewer Lateral Liens

· Vegetation Management Liens

If you need to payoff a lien or assessment you must:

1. Complete the Citywide Liens Demand Request Form

2. Send a check for $125.00 to Citywide Liens.

3. If you need a copy of your lien(s) contact the Alameda County Recorder’s Office, 1106 Madison St. Oakland, CA 94607 or visit the Recorder's website:

It can take five business days to process the liens. If you submit an incomplete Citywide Demand Request Form, the City will reject your request.