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Plants, animals, creeks and slopes

Date Posted: August 31st, 2018 @ 3:44 PM
Last Updated: October 22nd, 2018 @ 2:10 PM


Excellent resource for landscaping ideas “Don’t Plant a Pest!”

EMBUD worked closely with local gardeners, landscape designers, horticulturists, and nursery owners to reflect their hands-on experience with growing these plants in the nine counties of the greater Bay Area. This is an excellent resource book for all gardens in the East Bay Hills. EBMUD Plants and Landscaping Book Visit this link for a good preview of the book. Plants & Landscapes for Summer - Dry Climates of the San Francisco Bay Region

Resources for Plants and Creeks: Plant List For Creeks Native Plant Species from Creeks Website Recommendations for Ecologically Sensitive Fire Abatement Plants for Stabilization Don't Plant a Pest Brochure

Protecting Endangered Species:
Pallid Manzanita Description from CA Department of Fish and Game
Plant Species Information Sheet Presidio Clarkia
California State Endangered Plants resources
Pallid Manzanita Power Point Presentation by Showers
California Native Plants Society
Fire Wise Native Plants
Plant List for Creeks
Recommendations for Ecologically Sensitive Fire Abatement
Pallid Manzanita
Presdio Clarkia


State List of Endangered Species
North Hills Plants and Animals book


Invasive Plants Along East Bay Creeks
Five Things You Can Do for Creeks
Dos and Don'ts for Vegetation Management on Creekside and Sensitive Parcels Creekside Dos and Dont's in Chinese
Creekside Dos and Dont's in Spanish
Creekside Dos and Dont's in Vietnamese
Creek Diagram
Special Considerations for Creekside Properties
Friends of Sausal Creek


Proper drainage is critical for preventing erosion. The primary goal is to direct rain water to natural drainages and/or storm drains and pipes. Allowing water to run freely and unchecked is a recipe for major erosion.

A vegetated slope is less likely to be subject to erosion. Vegetation helps to protect the soil from the direct impact of falling rain drops. A sloped area may have shallow soils, so one must be careful in selecting the correct vegetation and planting at the appropriate time of year. Low-growing ground cover is good for placing on slopes. Oak trees (with their deep roots and large canopy) can also protect sloped areas.

City of Oakland Public Works Maintain-A-Drain program has useful information for any resident who wants to help prevent flooding, due to heavy winter rains.