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City of Oakland Design League

Work on something that matters. Design for the City of Oakland.

Date Posted: November 8th, 2019 @ 10:25 PM
Last Updated: November 8th, 2019 @ 11:22 PM

The City of Oakland is working to redesign its online presence to be more focused on user-centered design and service delivery to better serve the community. The Oakland Digital Service exists to design better services for the public.

The research and work of Code for America, Gov.uk and other innovators in the civic technology space have inspired this work. We are working in the open to create a digital services center and reinvent what city government can do. You can learn more about our initiative to redesign City services in the Digital Front Door Project Phase II reports.

The City of Oakland is hiring a pool of local Oakland writers, designers, and front-end developers to work within our Digital Service and subject matter experts in City Departments to develop content and re-design City services on an as-needed basis. Experience in navigating government or other large, complex organizations. Subject matter and community expertise in public health, community safety, housing, public policy or municipal finance.

Commitment to Oakland is essential.

What you’ll do:

You will work with the City’s Digital Engagement Officer to scope, write, user test, edit and publish content. This will also include:

  • Design and test City digital services
  • Conduct and implement designs and services driven by public users and City staff
  • Contribute to the City of Oakland’s content inventory
  • Conduct user research with the public and with department subject matter experts
  • Collect information from subject matter experts to develop initial drafts of digital content
  • Revise services and content per feedback from Digital Engagement Officer and Subject Matter Experts
  • Review content for voice, tone, and consistency with City Style Guide
  • Journey map the experience of community members in their attempts to access City services
  • Make recommendations and implement improvements to City services.

Skill Sets and Experience Desired:

  • Front End Developer
    • Looking for a strong, design-oriented, front-end developer experience working with Craft CMS a plus
    • Ability to ensure the stability and continuity of the City’s website and digital services
    • Experience providing technical consultation during the wireframe and design phases of a project
    • Demonstrated ability to convert Sketch, Photoshop or other design files to responsive HTML/CSS/Javascript
    • Ability to integrate front-end code with CMS
    • Worked within complex organizations to troubleshoot, enhance, and repair websites and/or digital services
    • Provide CMS user documentation in the form of screencasts or written instructions.
    • Create/maintain integrations to 3rd parties via APIs
  • Content Writers & Strategists
    • 2-3 years of experience writing for or editing an online website or publication
    • Comfortable working with content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, or Craft
    • Demonstrated ability to create clear, concise and creative web content
  • User Researchers and UX/UI Designers
    • Experience collecting and interpreting user research
    • Conduct and/or coordinate usability research both online and in the field and provide recommendations for improvement to City digital services
    • Work with designers and subject matter experts to propose and test site designs
    • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how site function and appear
    • Knowledge of wireframe tools

Interested? Send an email (subject: Oakland Design League) to Mai-Ling Garcia, mgarcia@oaklandca.gov. Please include in your email:

  1. A cover letter or a few paragraphs in your email describing your interest in a PDF file
  2. Your resume and/or LinkedIn Profile
  3. Two solid references
  4. 2-3 samples of your work (hyperlinks are fine)
  5. A cost summary that describes your services and hourly billing rate.
  6. Learn more about Oakland Digital.

What’s next?

Your submission to the City of Oakland Design League will be part of a process to identify a pool of qualified writers, designers, and developers.

Successful submissions will be eligible for on-call jobs as they become available. On-call jobs are intended to be short-term projects on an as-needed basis.

Terms are negotiable.