Bicycle & Pedestrian Volunteer Program

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Program benefits from the efforts of volunteers!

Date Posted: August 31st, 2018 @ 3:44 PM
Last Updated: September 13th, 2018 @ 1:02 PM

Over the years, community volunteers have helped staff verify bike racks and signs, research best practices on bikeway design, and help assemble a bicyclist count database. These efforts have enabled the City to stretch resources and maintain assets. If any of the projects listed below interest you, please email us, to get started. Thanks for your interest in Oakland's bicycling environment.

Volunteer Needs

Photo of a bike rackBike Rack Verification Project: This volunteer intern will help document all publicly accessible bike parking racks in Oakland. The volunteer will receive lists of known bike rack locations by neighborhood, photograph each rack, ensure that the racks are still securely installed, record or update location details, and add any racks that are not on the list. Back in the office, field notes will be added to the City’s bike parking rack database. Of the over 1,940 rack locations (almost 10,000 bike parking spaces) in Oakland, photographs are needed for approximately 214. The photographs will be featured on the an online GIS map, showing the status of existing and proposed bikeways, bike signs, and bike racks.

Bike Sign Verification Project: This volunteer intern will help document bicycle signs installed along key bikeway corridors to ensure that all signs are still in place and determine whether any are in need of repair.

Citywide Bicyclist/Pedestrian Counts Database: This volunteer intern will work collaboratively with staff and other volunteers to collect and document bicyclist and pedestrian counts from various City projects over the past two decades. This historical perspective will be invaluable for making long-term comparisons on the changing rates of bicycling and walking in Oakland. The project will build closely upon an annual counts program that was initiated by a volunteer intern in 2011.

Image Library of Oakland’s Bicycle Facilities: This volunteer intern will have an active interest in photography and a keen eye for capturing compelling images. The outcome will be improved communication with the public on the role of bicycle facilities in building a sustainable city. Based on the intern’s interests, this project may include culling out the best photographs from past projects; working in the field to take exemplary shots; compiling a web-based slide show; organizing photographs in a digital library; and preparing images for print publications.