Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Midcycle Budget Amendment

Together with the County, State, and Federal governments, the City of Oakland is one of many government agencies that work to pave your roads, clean your parks, and offer services to Oaklanders who need them the most. A City budget is the plan for how we will use our resources to provide services to the public.

Foothill Blvd/Bancroft Ave Bikeway

At 7.5 miles in length, the Foothill Blvd/Bancroft Ave Bikeway connects Lake Merritt to San Leandro and to the residences, parks, schools, libraries, and other destinations that line the corridor.

Foothill-Seminary Assessment Grant

In 2009, the US EPA awarded the City of Oakland a $200,000 “site-specific” brownfield assessment grant for use at an assemblage of eleven contiguous parcels located at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Seminary Avenue.

Fruitvale Alive!

A protected bike lane and pedestrian safety project on Fruitvale Avenue between E12th St and Alameda Ave

Fruitvale Avenue Bikeway

This project runs from Alameda Ave at the Miller Sweeney Bridge to Park Blvd at the Leimert Bridge, connecting the City of Alameda to the Fruitvale BART Station, and the Fruitvale and Dimond Districts. The section between Alameda Ave and E 7th St forms part of the spine of the on-street Bay Trail.

Grand Avenue Mobility Plan

A comprehensive transportation plan to keep existing residents in place, while strategizing an inclusive, safer, and sustainable transportation network for the future. Check out the interactive engagement tool at the green link below!

Lake Merritt BART Bikeways

The Lake Merritt BART Bikeways Project installed high-quality bikeways serving Lake Merritt BART in early 2017.

Lake Merritt BART Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Project (PLN20038)

This proposed project is a two-block transit-oriented development project at 51 9th Street (Block 1) and 107 8th Street (Block 2). The project proposes 557 residential units (including 233 affordable units), up to 500,000 sf of office space, up to 16,500 sf of ground floor retail and food service, ~2,000 sf for a commercial kitchen, 6,200 sf for day care, and a total of 408 parking spaces. The project includes a public paseo and BART plaza.

Lake Merritt Bay Trail

The Oakland Waterfront Trail is a part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, a planned 500-mile network of bicycle and hiking trails that will form a continuous ring around the Bay.

Lake Merritt Channel

The Lake Merritt Channel is a narrow waterway that connects Lake Merritt with the Estuary and San Francisco Bay.

Lake Merritt Water Quality Projects

One of Measure DD’s major goals is to improve the water quality in Lake Merritt, with an emphasis on reducing floatable trash and increasing dissolved oxygen levels.

Lakeshore Avenue

<p>The work along Lakeshore Avenue and El Embarcadero included restoration of the historic Pergola in 2007, reconstruction of the historic E.18th Street Pier in 2008, and complete park renovation, seawall repair, path improvements and street calming in 2009.</p>

Lakeside Green Street Restoration Project

The intersection of 20th Street, Lakeside Drive, and Harrison Street adjacent to Snow Park is not currently friendly to pedestrians or park users. The Lake Merritt Master Plan calls for this intersection to be reconfigured to calm traffic, create safer pedestrian crossings, add bike lanes, and increase park space.