Overweight Corridor

Improving goods movement, air quality, and emergency access in West Oakland and Jack London



The Overweight Corridor project will make improvements to an existing roadway between Adeline Street (Middle Harbor Road) and Embarcadero West/Market Street to accommodate overweight trucks. This connection will improve Port of Oakland operations, provide an alternative emergency vehicle access route to Jack London Square, and serve as a heavy container permitted truck route. By serving as a new heavy container permitted truck route, this project will divert heavy truck traffic and related emissions away from residential areas and reduce overall emissions by providing more direct access to the Port of Oakland. This project is expected to produce several benefits, including:

  • Reduced traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) coming specifically from heavy container truck traffic in residential neighborhoods.
  • A reliable 24-hour ingress/egress route for emergency service vehicles, potentially saving valuable response time when there is a fire or demand for emergency medical care at the Port or along the waterfront.
  • Reduced travel time delays for heavy container vehicles which currently travel circuitous routes to/from the Port through residential areas.

Last updated October 13, 2023. More updates coming soon!



Awarded $30.2M in TCEP Funds
June 2023

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