Foothill Blvd/Bancroft Ave Bikeway

At 7.5 miles in length, the Foothill Blvd/Bancroft Ave Bikeway connects Lake Merritt to San Leandro and to the residences, parks, schools, libraries, and other destinations that line the corridor.


This project features bike lanes on all of Bancroft Ave, substantially completed in 2003 (one of Oakland’s first bike lane facilities). The topography is flat—at the foot of the hills—and creates a direct and continuous bicycling corridor.

Completed sections include (from the Lake, heading east):

  • Foothill Blvd/E 15th St couplet, 1st Ave to 14th Ave: shared lane markings (sharrows) in the right-hand lane of each of these one-way streets, installed on Foothill Blvd in September 2011 (as part of paving project) and on E 15th St April 2012 (striping only).
  • 14th Ave, International Blvd to Foothill Blvd: bike lanes connecting the offset Foothill Blvd alignment were installed as part of a streetscape project in June 2017.
  • Foothill Blvd, 23rd Ave to Fremont Ave: an arterial bike route (sharrows) was striped as part of three paving/streetscape projects between November 2012 and July 2013.
  • Fremont Way/48th Ave: sharrows were installed along two blocks to connect the bikeways on Foothill Blvd and Bancroft Ave in April 2012.
  • Bancroft Ave, 42nd Ave to 66th Ave and 83nd Ave to Durant Ave: bike lanes were installed in 2003 during a resurfacing project. (Between 42nd and 48th Aves, Bancroft Ave is one-way eastbound and the street tees at 42nd Ave. This is why the bikeway network connection moves to Foothill Blvd west of 48th Ave.)
  • Bancroft Ave, 66th Ave to 83rd Ave: in 2008, a bikeway (mostly bike lanes) was striped to close the gap left in 2003, resulting in a continuous striped bikeway on Bancroft Ave.

Improvements in the design phase:

  • Full corridor: Bicycle wayfinding signage along the corridor (replacing numbered route signs installed in 2003).
  • Foothill Blvd, 14th Ave to 23rd Ave: A road diet, under evaluation, would remove a travel lane to make room for bike lanes, and, if approved by City Council after outreach to the community, be installed as part of a paving project.
  • Bancroft Ave: redesign to include now-standard striping treatments including bike lane buffers (where width allows), green pavement to highlight conflict zones, and high visibility crosswalks. Most of this work will be delivered as part of upcoming street resurfacing projects.

last updated November 9, 2017

Project Updates

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