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7th Street Traffic Safety Improvement Project

OakDOT is proposing traffic safety improvements on 7th Street between Mandela and Market Street.



Winter 2018


Summer 2019


The Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) is proposing safety improvements on 7th Street between Mandela Parkway and Market Street. Several pedestrians and bicyclists have been injured in crashes on 7th Street. These crashes may be prevented with traffic safety improvements like new crosswalks, corner extensions, and bike lanes. Currently, the road has more capacity than it needs for the number of cars and buses that drive on it. Additionally, the wide lanes encourage speeding.

OakDOT proposes upgrading all crossings with new "high visibility" crosswalk style markings, which make people crossing the street more visible. At Filbert, OakDOT proposes corner extensions to help narrow the street crossing. In addition, OakDOT proposes adding buffered bike lanes and removing one travel lane in each direction. Not only will buffered bike lanes help protect bicyclists, they will also narrow the distance pedestrians need to cross. The new buffered bike lanes would continue the bike lanes that already exist near West Oakland BART.

These traffic safety improvements would be implemented in Fall 2019 along with routine pavement maintenance.

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Project Updates

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