69th Ave Safety Improvement Project

69th Avenue will undergo safety improvements from San Leandro Street to International Boulevard



69th Ave between San Leandro St and International Blvd is a high priority for safety improvements due to its history of crashes. The corridor is home to schools, churches, the MLK Library, family residences, and an affordable housing development with 1,500 residents. 69th Ave is a designated bicycle route. Its location near BART and between two major streets makes it an important piece of the neighborhood transportation network. Some of the issues on the street include:

  • Lack of curb ramps and crosswalks, limiting accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Poor road condition: potholes, large cracks, and uneven pavement impede biking and walking
  • Faded roadway markings, including those for bicyclists
  • Lack of loading zones for school drop off and pick up
  • Speeding traffic

To learn more about current conditions, take a look at this file.

Project Location

69th Ave at Hamilton St

69th Ave at Herbert Guice Way

Proposed Improvements

OakDOT plans to implement several safety improvements to prevent future crashes, ensure the street is accessible, and make the street more inviting and delightful. These improvements are slated for late 2018, and include:

  • Installing high-visibility crosswalks at all intersections
  • Adding missing curb ramps throughout the corridor and ensuring all are ADA accessible
  • Add gateways at either end of the corridor to highlight the community zone and encourage safe driving
  • Reinstalling speed humps
  • Repaving the street
  • Extending red curbs at crossings to “daylight” intersections
  • Painting protected pedestrian bulb-outs at some intersections
  • Evaluating the street for additional stop signs and other traffic safety improvements, such as raised crosswalks or traffic circles

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Before: 69th Ave at International Blvd

After: Proposed gateway treatment at 69th Ave and International Blvd

Project Materials

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Community Input

Past Community Meetings:

12/13/17 at Lion Creek Crossing

2/2/18 at Lockwood Campus

3/24/18 at Martin Luther King, Jr Library

Upcoming Community Meetings:

For more information, contact:

Brytanee Brown, Project Manager brbrown@oaklandca.gov 510-238-6965

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Map location for 69th Ave Safety Improvement Project, located at 69th Ave between San Leandro St and International Blvd  in Oakland, CA 94621
69th Ave between San Leandro St and International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94621