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Please visit Councilmember Kalb's Covid-19 Resources and Information page for a summary of resources and information on the COVID-19 health emergency in Oakland, compiled by the Councilmember and his staff.

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Councilmember Kalb's Budget Priorities FY23-25

Please feel free to provide your feedback on the Councilmember Kalb's Budget Priorities.

Legislative Priorities

D1 Mural Funding

I'm excited to announce that my office has additional mural funding to distribute! I've been able to partially fund murals in various D1 locations including on Piedmont Ave., San Pablo Ave, Market St., Lowell St., and Claremont Ave., and I'm looking forward to funding more. See here for details on eligibility and how to apply.

Constituent and Neighborhood Services

Your issues are important to us! Contact Councilmember Kalb's office (see "Contact Us' section below) to request information or support.

Many issues can be resolved by reporting to Oak311 (see Popular City Services section below). Once you have a case number please contact my office if the issue is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time and we can follow up.

District One residents can sign up for a meeting with Councilmember Kalb - now virtual - usually on the first Saturday of every month. Contact Keara O'Doherty at, or 510-238-7014 to reserve a 20-minute slot to speak on any issue.

About the District 1 Councilmember

Dan Kalb

First elected as Oakland District One City Councilmember in 2012, Dan Kalb has spent virtually his entire adult life as an environmental, public interest and social justice advocate. With a reputation as a proactive and effective local legislator, Dan authored the ordinance to ban the storage and handling of coal in Oakland, wrote the charter measure to create an independent Police Commission, and has been a long-time advocate for affordable housing.

Dan continues to promote data-driven solutions to the toughest challenges facing our communities—including combating climate change and its impacts, investing in public education and rehabilitation, promoting wildfire prevention and disaster resiliency, instituting meaningful government reform, and of course, resolving our region’s housing affordability crisis.

In 2023, Dan was selected by his colleagues to serve as is the City Council President Pro Tempore and serves on the following City Council committees: Community and Economic Development (Chair), Public Works; Rules and Legislation; and Education Partnership.

Dan and his wife Valarie live in North Oakland and enjoy hiking in our beautiful East Bay Regional Parks.

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