OPD Patrol Makes Arrest and Recovers Nearly Two Dozen Ghost Guns

Date Posted: January 13th, 2023 @ 9:21 AM
Last Updated: January 13th, 2023 @ 9:21 AM
Recovered Ghost Guns


OPD Patrol Makes Arrest and Recovers Nearly Two Dozen Ghost Guns

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) is investigating a negligent discharge of a firearm that occurred on January 10, 2023, just before 7:45 PM, in the 3000 block of Broadmoor View. Patrol officers were dispatched to the area to investigate reports of multiple gunshots. As units arrived on scene, the gunshots continued.

During a systematic search of the area, officers observed an individual wearing body armor exiting a residence in the 3000 block of Broadmoor View. Officers discovered a bullet casing in the driveway of the residence and detained the individual pending further investigation.

Officers conducted a methodical search of the home to ensure there were no victims or individuals inside. Fortunately, officers did not locate any victims or nearby residences struck by gunfire.

However, multiple firearms were observed in plain view, including two assault rifles and dozens of bullet casings.

Patrol officers authored a search warrant for the recovery of the firearms. Due to their diligence, and as a direct result of their meticulous investigation, a minimum of 20 privately made assault rifles and handguns, otherwise known as “ghost guns”, were recovered from within the residence, along with items used to manufacture the ghost guns. Also, nearly 20 magazines, multiple tasers, and a 3D printer with accessories were recovered.

The individual detained was arrested for various firearm-related charges, as well as for the negligent discharge of a firearm.

OPD would like to thank our community members who have reported hearing gunfire in the area over the last few weeks. This information is beneficial to the investigation.

Last year, OPD recovered nearly 1400 firearms, of which, nearly 25% were ghost guns.

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