Friday Winter Storm Update

Date Posted: January 6th, 2023 @ 5:07 PM
Last Updated: January 6th, 2023 @ 5:17 PM
Sandbag Operations

The City of Oakland is providing the following updates related to the ongoing winter storm.

The City’s website has been updated accordingly:

OAK311 Service Requests

Since Thursday at noon, OAK311 has received 130 additional storm-related service requests bringing the total number of service requests this week to 812. The largest categories of requests are for clogged storm drains (about 410 requests) and downed trees and tree limbs (more than 280 requests). The remaining requests were related to City building maintenance, damaged traffic signals, missing manhole covers, blocked sewers, mudslides or landslides, and damaged sidewalks. 208 of these service requests have been closed, and 562 remain open.

You can view a dynamic map of storm related service requests here.

Road Closures Information

Road closures are posted on the City’s website. That page was updated this morning and the City will continue to update it. Since the last update two of the four roads reported closed have been reopened.

The roads that are now open are:

· Carrington St reopened on 1/5/23

· State Route 77/185 (42nd Ave) reopened on 1/5/23

The roads that remain closed are:

· Golf Links Rd from Elysian Fields Dr to Scotia Ave (landslide)

· Webster St from 34th St to 36th St (flooding)

City workers performing site assessments have been observing downed trees and other storm impacts that can prompt road closures. Community members can also help provide the City important information about these impacts in their neighborhood by reporting tree and road issues to OAK311.

Alameda County road closures can be seen here:
Caltrans road closures can be seen here:

Free Sandbag Distribution

Distribution of free sandbags and sandbag materials to Oakland residents resumed Thursday morning at 7101 Edgewater Drive. The City has distributed tens of thousands of free sandbags since Sunday. Community CERT volunteers are working alongside City Staff to fill bags. This service will remain available until 7p.m. tonight (1/6) and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am - 5 p.m.

Shelter Beds Available

The City’s year-round shelter at St. Vincent de Paul, located at 675 23rd Street in West Oakland, will have beds available for people through the weekend. Shelter beds can be secured through referral, reservation, and walk-up on a first come-first served basis. People seeking shelter should contact St. Vincent de Paul directly at (510) 638-7600.

There are additional spaces available at community cabins and other shelters throughout Oakland. For Information on accessing other shelters, transitional housing and all other emergency housing in Alameda County, please call 211 (Eden Information and Referral).

The Ira Jinkins emergency shelter closed today at noon after sheltering and feeding 4 people last night. MACRO (Oakland Fire Department crisis responders) was on site to transport people to other shelter sites of their choosing.

MACRO continues to engage with unhoused Oakland residents to inform them of shelter options and the City is coordinating transportation for those who need it. Community members who wish to advise MACRO of locations where outreach to the unhoused could be helpful can alert the team by emailing

County Proclamation of Local Emergency

Alameda County joined the City of Oakland and the State of California today in issuing a Proclamation of Local Emergency signed by Sheriff Sanchez.