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Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal Project Updates

Date Posted: February 25th, 2022 @ 3:34 PM
Last Updated: February 25th, 2022 @ 4:15 PM

City Council Certifies the Final EIR for the Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal

On February 17, 2022, the Oakland City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal in a 6-2 vote. The Council also passed a Jurisdictional Ordinance by which the City accepts land use jurisdiction over the Port’s portion of the Ballpark District site in order to grant future approvals.

Certifying the EIR did not mean the project was approved. However, it was an important first step needed before project approvals can be considered or granted by the City and Port.

The City is currently reviewing Development Applications for the project, which include a General Plan Amendment, Planned Unit Development, Rezoning, Tentative Tract Map and Development Agreement (including community benefits). These required approvals will be considered by the City Council later in 2022, after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission.

Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal Transportation Guide Published

A Transportation Guide for the Waterfront Ballpark District has been created to help members of the public easily understand how to travel to and from the Ballpark safely, sustainably and efficiently, while minimizing disruption to existing uses and communities in the surrounding areas. The guide includes maps and recommendations for those traveling to the Ballpark by each transportation mode (transit, walking, biking, driving and parking, and rideshare).

Public transit will be the best way to get to an event at the new Ballpark. As noted in the Transportation Guide, there are three BART stations located within 15 – 20 minutes’ walk of the Ballpark, shuttles connecting the Project site to the 12th Street BART station on game days, and a ferry terminal located directly adjacent to the Project site.

The Transportation Guide also includes information on living and working near the Waterfront Ballpark District that summarizes for local residents, businesses, and seaport stakeholders the traffic and parking strategies identified in the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and Parking Management Plan (PMP) drafts to help ensure that the Project can exist compatibly with surrounding neighborhoods.

Click here to access the Transportation Guide.