2022 July Measure DD Project Updates

Date Posted: September 18th, 2022 @ 11:04 AM
Last Updated: September 18th, 2022 @ 11:29 AM
A view of the Lake Merritt Channel from the 10th Street bridge toward the lake, with a new black fence around the Marsh between those bridges.
  • Lake Merritt Channel at 7th Street Pedestrian crosswalk
    • Department of Transportation asked to repair the damages.
    • Portion of final payment to contractor withheld due to labor law dispute.
    • Contract has a year to resolve the dispute or forfeit the withheld payment.
    • Otherwise, the project has been completed and accepted as final by the City.
  • Lake Merritt Channel at 10th Street
    • Environmental Services Associates (ESA) to provide proposal to update revegetation bid documents for Peralta Park and the 10th St. planting area
    • Replanting likely won't happen until late 2024
    • Construction management staff negotiating with contractor to issue Notice of Completion
  • Bay Trails Update Memorandum and Bay Trail Updates
    Memorandum to City Council from March of 2022, with a yearly update on progress of the Bay Trail.
    Included updates on the various blockers, progress on the Bridge passages, and finally access to Miller Milling.
  • Estuary Park Landscaping
    • Plant selection criteria include drought tolerance, durability, and
    • maintenance ease
    • Water-wise/efficient irrigation strategies are planned
    • Lawn will be used for specific recreational areas
    • Landscape maintenance will be by Public Works Parks and Tree Services Division. Design and maintenance teams coordinating closely
  • Glen Echo Creek restoration initial planning.
  • Issues around the fire at the 12 st bridge: cleanup, re-encampments and art restoration
  • Oakland Beautification Council