Dispensary Applicants Selected

Date Posted: May 22nd, 2020 @ 8:57 AM
Last Updated: March 11th, 2021 @ 1:23 PM

The full list of equity dispensary permit applicants and runner-ups selected through the public drawing is available here.

Scored Dispensary Permit Application

In addition to the four dispensary permits reserved for equity applicants, four (4) additional dispensary permit applicants were selected through a scored application process. Those selected through the scored application process were: Lake Merritt Equity LLC, E7 Oakland LLC, Authentic 510 LLC, and Joshua Chase, Inc. These applicants were selected by an interdepartmental panel of City staff based on applicants’ scores on the dispensary permit application. The applications were evaluated for business, security, odor mitigation, and neighborhood beautification plans; compliance with state and local laws; and offered points for local ownership, incubation of equity businesses, and commitments to hire and purchase products locally.

Of the four new dispensary permits selected via the scored process, three are 50% owned by equity applicants, one is 100% owned by an equity applicant, and all four have made the following commitments that will become permanent conditions to their dispensary permits:

  • Labor
    • 51-100% of their employees will be Oakland residents from equity program qualifying police beats
    • above 50% of of their employees will be formerly incarcerated Oakland residents
    • the pay ratio between the dispensary CEO and the median compensation of the dispensary's workforce will be 1:1
  • Product
    • Above 50% of the cannabis products placed on the dispensary's shelves and electronic platforms will be from Oakland equity cultivators and manufacturers.
    • 81-100% of the dispensary's cannabis products will be purchased from Oakland equity distributors.
  • Incubation
    • Together the four new dispensaries will incubate a total of 14 equity permits, including 7 manufacturers and 3 cultivators, which are the most capital intensive operations. The majority of the equity incubatees have never been incubated before.

A full breakdown of all scored dispensary permit applications is available here.

Next Steps

The eight dispensary permit applicants selected now move on to identifying the site for their dispensaries, the final phase of the dispensary permit Request for Permit Application (RFPA) process. For more information on the RFPA process, please visit here.