City of Oakland Presents IFPTE, Local 21 with City’s Last, Best, and Final Offer

Date Posted: January 19th, 2018 @ 12:00 AM
Last Updated: October 23rd, 2018 @ 4:55 PM

Oakland, CA — This afternoon the City of Oakland’s bargaining team formally
presented International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local
21 (L21) the City’s Last, Best, and Final Offer (LBFO).
After approximately eight months of bargaining, the parties have reached no less
than 75 tentative agreements, many of which are on substantive issues, including
economic components, that impact a majority of the Union’s members.
At this time, the City is awaiting a response from L21.
The City’s Last, Best, and Final Offer includes the following (new terms are
highlighted in yellow, all other terms remain the same as previously offered;
tentative agreements are noted by *):
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21
-Wages – 4% retroactive to July 1, 2017, 1% effective January 2019 and
up to 1% additional in the second year of the contract, depending on
City revenues, effective January 2019, for a total of up to 6%.
Wage Increase Tied to Revenue Growth: If FY 2018-19 General
Purpose Fund unrestricted local tax revenues, as forecast in the Third
Quarter Revenue & Expenditure Report or as confirmed based on
audited actuals for FY 2018-19, exceed the General Purpose Fund
unrestricted local tax revenues for FY 2018-19 as approved in the FY
2017-19 Adopted Policy Budget by 4.5% or more, bargaining unit
members shall receive an additional 1.0% wage increase effective
retroactive to the first pay period after January 1, 2019. This
additional language above is designed to provide a second
opportunity for members to trigger the additional 1% increase, if
the actual revenues are above what was projected.
-Equity adjustments for certain classifications, which are in addition to
the above wage proposal.
The City proposes equity adjustments for the following classifications:
City’s modifications to the Union’s proposed equity adjustments for the following
-On a one-time, non-precedent-setting basis, the City will grant one (1)
floating holiday to all IFPTE, Local 21-represented employees if the
MOU is ratified by unit members on or before February 1, 2018 and
subsequently ratified by City Council.
-Alternative Work Schedule – Allows departments to grant alternative
work schedules and clarifies holiday and accrued leave pay
-Baby bonding – Allows for employees to have up to six weeks of paid
baby bonding leave. *
-Uniform allowance increases – Fire Marshall (non-sworn), Assistant
Fire Marshall (non-sworn), Latent Print Examiners I & II, Police
Communications Dispatch Supervisors and Vegetation Management
Supervisor. *
-Safety shoe voucher increase – Shoe allowance increase from $115 to
$150. *
-Sick leave buy back for deferred compensation upon separation –
When employees separate after 10 years of service, they can cash out
leave on a 3:1 ratio. That cash out can be rolled into deferred
compensation. *
Animal Control Supervisor 2% 2%
Senior HR Analyst 2%
Management Assistant 2%
Accountant III 2%
Public Works Supervisor I & II 2%
Human Resources Analyst 2% 2%
Administrative Analyst I 2% 2%
Administrative Analyst II 2% 2%
Neighborhood Services Coordinator 2% 2%
Planner II 2%
Assistant Engineer II 2%
-Use all but 10 days for caring for family – Employees would now have
access to their entire leave balances for FMLA purposes. *
-Sick leave donation – Employees can donate sick leave on a 3:1 ratio
to fellow employees if they have over 10 years of service. *
Improved management leave provision – Allows employees to be
awarded management leave if they work extra hours OR demonstrate
exceptional service. *
-Shift differential increases – All shift differentials increase to align
with SEIU. *
-Oakland Police Department Labor Management Meetings – Ensures
there is continued dialogue between the parties at the Oakland Police
Department. *
-Tuition reimbursement process enhancement – Accelerates the
process for tuition reimbursement approval. *
-Training Committee – Establishes a joint labor management committee
to make recommendations for employee training and growth
opportunities *
-Heath Retirement Savings Arrangement Committee – Creates a
Committee made up of union and City members to discuss the
implementation of a Health Retirement Savings Arrangement that
will allow L21 members who reach the cap on paid sick leave (150
days) to contribute each calendar year up to six (6) days of accrued,
paid sick leave to a Health Retirement Savings Arrangement
-Transit Pass Program – Provides all Local 21 members AC Transit
passes with an employee contribution of $20.00
-Severance Payments – Allows the City Attorney to pay severance
payments to represented employees in Unit U41 upon separation of
-The City agrees to add “Senior” to the title of Deputy City Attorney IV
SEIU, Local 1021: The Parties remain at impasse and the City is awaiting
notification as to whether the union will invoke fact finding.
IBEW, Local 1245 and CMEA: The City reached final agreements with these
unions and their contracts are closed through June 30, 2019.

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City of Oakland