Mayor Schaaf announces housing and development expert Claudia Cappio's return to Oakland in key role

Date Posted: April 7th, 2015 @ 12:00 AM
Last Updated: October 23rd, 2018 @ 4:55 PM

Oakland, CA – Mayor Libby Schaaf and Interim City Administrator John Flores
announced today that Claudia Cappio will re-join the City of Oakland staff as an
Assistant City Administrator.
“We could not ask for anyone better than Claudia to take on this role,” said Mayor
Libby Schaaf. “With her past experience in Oakland and the incredible work she has
led at the state level, she is the perfect choice to help guide our City’s current
development. She respects Oakland’s unique character and understands how to
responsibly guide the dynamic growth Oakland deserves.”
Ms. Cappio is returning to the City of Oakland after seven years. During that time she
served in the administration of California Governor Jerry Brown as Executive
Director of both the California State Department of Housing and Community
Development and the California Housing Finance Agency. She also was a private
planning consultant.
“Claudia did a great job in fostering housing and revitalization in Oakland before and
I’m confident she will do so again,” said Governor Brown.
From 2000-2007, Ms. Cappio served as Oakland’s Development Director and
Executive Director of the Oakland Base Reuse Authority. Her work in Oakland
included the Fox Theater Project, Brooklyn Basin, Jack London Square
Redevelopment and then Mayor Brown’s 10K Downtown Housing Initiative.
“I am humbled and excited to be back working for the city I love and have lived in for
the past 30 years,” said Ms. Cappio. “Oakland has so much to offer and I am grateful
to be asked to play a part in this exciting time in Oakland’s development. My recent
work at the state confirms what I already knew – that Oakland is a rich and exciting
urban area with the physical and human resources to be an awesome, sustainable 21st
century city.”
When Ms. Cappio assumes her new duties for the City of Oakland on April 27, 2015
she will be a senior member of the City Administrator’s management team, initially
serving under Mr. Flores and then transitioning to the team that will be led by Sabrina
Landreth when Ms. Landreth takes on the role of permanent Oakland City
Administrator no later than July 1. Both Mr. Flores and Ms. Landreth were involved
in the decision to hire Ms. Cappio.
“I’m excited we are assembling a tremendous team to serve Oakland,” said Ms.
Landreth. “Claudia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge at the local and state
level that will make it possible to equitably take full advantage of the growth
opportunities ahead.”
Ms. Cappio has an extensive background in local government administration, land use
planning, project development and affordable housing. Previous to her prior work in
Oakland, Ms. Cappio served as Planning and Building Director for the cities of
Emeryville and Albany, CA. Her experience included work on a number of major
development projects such as the Pixar Animation Studios and the Chiron
Biotechnology Center Campus. She also played a major role in the development of a
state park along the East Bay shoreline, including the area known as the Albany
Ms. Cappio holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Ohio Wesleyan University and
lives in Oakland, CA with her wife.


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