A Conversation on Structural Racism and Police Reform in Oakland



As we continue to move through this unprecedented and emotionally raw experience in our country, we hope residents can join our virtual Town Hall Tonight at 6 p.m. on our social media channels Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and YouTube (with closed captioning).

To dial in by phone: (669) 900-6833, 413825986#

This week, we’ll host an honest conversation about the structural racism that exists within our own City systems, our police department, and the real work Oakland is doing to eradicate it.
It is difficult work that is nowhere near done. This moment is ripe for a transformative leap toward justice if together we choose it.

The conversation will be facilitated by Darlene Flynn , City of Oakland Dir. Dept. of Race and Equity. Panelists will include:

  • Civil rights attorney John Burris, who has participated in the department’s reform effort under the negotiated settlement agreement
  • OPD Lt. Fred Shavies, facilitator for the department’s Equity Working Group.
  • Guillermo Cespedes, City of Oakland, Dir. Dept. of Violence Prevention.

We will discuss current events and the long-term efforts to reform OPD and increase Oakland’s non-law enforcement actions to build a safer, healthier, and more beloved city for all.

A Conversation on Structural Racism and Police Reform in Oakland Image

Accessibility and Interpretation Requests

Contact us to request disability-related accommodations, American Sign Language (ASL), Mandarin, Spanish or another language interpreter at least five (5) business days before the event.

All meetings held in-person are wheelchair accessible. Please refrain from wearing scented products as a courtesy to attendees with chemical sensitivities.