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| Info Memo

Info Memo - El Niño Preparations

Weather forecasters are predicting this year’s [2015] El Niño will bring significant rainfall and strong
winds – the kind of conditions that may result in flooding, landslides, and downed trees and
power lines throughout the City. The City of Oakland is preparing in advance to mitigate the
impacts of severe weather and to protect residents, businesses and properties. While we cannot
predict specific impacts to Oakland, we do know that preparedness is the key to resiliency. We
are urging residents and businesses to prepare -- before heavy rains begin.

This memo provides information about steps the City is taking to prepare for El Niño and strong
winter storms, and summarizes the communications efforts underway.

| Info Memo

Info Memo - City Hall Fire Alarm Replacement

In April of 2015 the fire alarm system in City Hall failed during a scheduled inspection and testing. It was
determined after follow up assessment that the system was irreparable and needed to be replaced. The
total estimated cost and budget to replace the system was $550,000.

The entire project took 11 months to complete with the majority of the work being performed on nights
and weekends to minimize impacts to City business. 

| Fact Sheet

Fire Department Emergency Procedure Plan

Emergency procedure roles and responsibilities handbook