Statement and Data re: Labor Negotiations--September 25, 2019

Publish Date: Sep, 27 2019

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Fact Sheet

“The City of Oakland has focused on four key goals during labor negotiations: secure long-term health benefits for employees, offer a fair wage increase that is within the existing budget, speed the hiring process, and ensure we can deliver critical services to our community now and into the future. The City has proposed no changes to key benefits or civil service rights.

“We recognize the impact that vacancies have on departmental operations and have asked the Unions to partner with us in speeding up the hiring process to fill vacancies more quickly. The City has proposed minor modifications to unnecessarily restrictive and time-consuming processes that delay hiring and slow our efforts to fill vacancies in a timely manner. These proposed modifications are in line with best practices in other public agencies. So far both Unions have flatly rejected those proposals.

We look forward to continuing good-faith discussions during the upcoming fact-finding process.”