Response to April 6, 2020 Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) Working Group Letter

Publish Date: May, 05 2020

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As directed by the Oakland City Council on April 7, 2020, this memo responds to the concerns enumerated in the April 6, 2020 letter from the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) Working Group, an advocacy group composed of some of the DOSP Community Advisory Group (CAG) members and other community members. The Working Group raises very important points about the remaining planning process, and we are providing responses to each question here. Please note that many of these concerns pertain to the proposed zoning amendments/community benefit incentive program that are being led under a distinct contract and by a different consultant than Dover, Kohl & Partners, whose contract was approved for amendment at the April 7 City Council meeting. This memo does respond to concerns for both scopes of work that were raised, as well as all other questions that were posed.