Oakland’s Five Year Framework (PATH) to Address Homelessness

Publish Date: Jul, 02 2020

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The PATH Framework:

-Provides a framework for addressing homelessness across the full spectrum of services from prevention and intervention to solutions/housing;

-Clearly identifies the scale and scope of the investments needed to make substantial change in the current crisis;

-Seeks to align all stakeholders on the importance of investing across the spectrum of services and in setting ambitious measurable goals; and

-Points to the absolute need to increase revenues

-Informs policy makers about what to advocate for from federal, state, county, and private funding partners.

The PATH Framework is grounded in the following values:

-Racial equity must be central to every homelessness intervention, as African American Oaklanders suffer disproportionately.

-Housing is the solution to homelessness and, as a result, every emergency intervention or bed should have a robust housing exit attached.

-Compassion and basic health and hygiene are critical for providing human dignity even when housing is not available.

-Interventions must balance the needs of both sheltered and unsheltered communities.

-Regional alignment and partnerships both private/ public and across governments are critical to success.