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Informational Memos


Info Memo - Oakland 2018 Bond Rating and Financing Results (PDF)

The City of Oakland’s (the “City”) credit ratings were affirmed at Aa2/AA, the third highest ratings available, by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s (“S&P”) and upgraded to AA- from A+ by Fitch. The rating agencies note the City’s robust economy, healthy financial position, and a strong management team. The rating agencies also note the City’s long-term liability burdens remain a concern that the City is working to address. The Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency’s (the “ORSA”) credit ratings were upgraded 3-notches to AA- from A- reflecting strong assessed valuation growth, improved covenants, and geographic and economic diversity.


Info Memo - Medical Cannabis Applications (PDF)

This Information Memorandum provides information on the release of medical cannabis permit application, including specifics on how to submit an application. Applications are not yet available for dispensary permits, as they will be issued through a separate process later in 2017.


Info Memo - Bike Sharing Program Update (PDF)

When the implementation of the bike sharing system is complete, a total of approximately 80 to 90 paid on-street vehicle parking spaces will be converted to bike sharing stations providing parking for more than 400 bikes. Parking at these locations is not ‘lost’, but rather redistributed – valuable curb space is better utilized and instead of parking on street, drivers may choose to park off-street, in garages or lots, or choose another option altogether, like transit, carshare, or bikeshare.


Info Memo - Ongoing efforts to support our homeless residents (PDF)

The crisis of unsheltered residents in Oakland is escalating. The City offers a number of different programs and services to support our homeless residents, with the goal of moving all people into shelter. These programs and services reside throughout several different City departments.

The City needs to more closely coordinate its programs and services, both internally and with its external partners including the County of Alameda. For that reason, I have designated Assistant City Administrator Christine Daniel to coordinate the City’s response to the homeless crisis by leading the City’s interdepartmental Homeless Action Team. Joe DeVries, Assistant to the City
Administrator, will work directly with Christine .


Info Memo - On improving the safety of Oakland’s nonconforming spaces while avoiding tenant displacement (PDF)

Since Executive Order 2017-1 was issued, the City has identified 18 nonresidential buildings with suspected un-permitted residential occupancies.

The City has taken concrete steps to expand our inspection capacity and enhance our inspection and compliance protocols, both within the Fire Prevention Bureau and the Planning and Building Department.

The Fire Safety Task Force quickly identified the need for a cross-departmental data system. After a comprehensive review, staff determined the best option was to convert all City inspection data to the Accela database system.

The Special Events Task Force has identified several barriers that currently discourage compliance, including a lack of clarity around the rules that govern entertainment, administrative obstacles requiring applicants to navigate various City, County, and State departments, the expense of bringing a space into compliance.

The Task Force has outlined a number of preliminary recommendations to address these barriers and encourage compliance.


Info Memo FY 2017-19 Budget Development Questions/Responses #1 (PDF)

The purpose of this memorandum is to transmit to the Mayor, City Council and public,responses to questions raised by City Council members related to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017-19 Budget Development Workshop, which was held on January 31, 2017. Staff has provided responses to as many questions as possible at this time. Some questions require more analysis and responses will be forthcoming through future memoranda.

This memo replies to questions about collecting possible revenues and funding positions.


Info Memo - Winter Storms and Potholes (PDF)

In the weeks since this winter’s record-breaking regional storms began in early January, the City of Oakland has received calls reporting more than 1,300 new potholes, and several hundred calls for service for flooding, mudslides, fallen trees and other weather-related issues. Oakland Public Works (OPW) and Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) crews have worked around
the clock to address these issues swiftly. Staff have prioritized addressing weather impacts that directly affected public safety and are currently developing plans to address the increase in new potholes.


Info Memo - 2017 Sewer Service Charge Increase Based on Consumer Price Index (PDF)

Oakland’s Sewer Service Charge will be increased by 2.7% effective January 1, 2017. This annual increase was approved in 2010 by the City Council and is based on the Consumer Price Index for the San Francisco Bay Area, compiled by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau Labor Services.
The current monthly rate for a single family residence is $36.58 per month/ $73.16 bi-monthly, and will be increased to $37.57 per month/ $75.14 bi-monthly.


Info Memo - Mosswood Recreation Center (PDF)

This memo is about the loss of a vital community asset, the Mosswood Recreation Center and plans to restore its services.

On Saturday, November 26, 2016 at approximately 6:00 am, the Center was completely destroyed by fire. Fortunately, no one was injured and the Moss House Historical Mansion was completely preserved, thanks to the excellent efforts of the Oakland Fire Department. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Info Memo - 2018 ACTC Comprehensive Investment Plan Call for Projects (PDF)

This memo advises the Mayor and City Council of the City’s submission of
project nominations in the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) the 2018 Comprehensive Investment Plan (CIP) Call for Projects on October 31, 2016.

Oakland submitted twenty-six projects for potential discretionary funding totaling more than $200 million dollars and are ready for funding during the period of the CIP.

The projects submitted are listed in Attachment A. These projects include investments that would benefit all neighborhoods in Oakland, with a specific emphasis on equity and communities of concern. The projects range from transportation planning studies through design and construction of major infrastructure projects.


Info Memo - GASB 43/45 Report (PDF)

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide information regarding the recent actuarial
valuation of the City’s Postretirement Health Insurance Plan (“OPEB”) prepared by Cheiron
(City Actuary). As of July 1, 2015, the Actuarial Accrued Liability (the “AAL”), which is equal
to a portion of the Actuarial Present Value of Benefits deemed to have been earned to date, was
approximately $862.9 million with an Annual Required Contribution (“ARC”) of approximately
$74.1 million.

The City pays the partial costs of health insurance premiums for certain classes of retirees from
City employment. Retirees meeting certain requirements relating to age and years of service are
eligible for health benefits. The health benefits are extended to retirees pursuant to labor
agreements between the City and certain of its employee labor unions and in resolutions adopted
by the City. Approximately $19.8 million was paid on behalf of retirees under these programs for
the year ended June 30, 2015. The City began partially pre-funding the ARC to the California
Employer’s Retiree Benefit Trust (“CERBT”) in 2014. A


Info Memo - City Hall Fire Alarm Replacement (PDF)

In April of 2015 the fire alarm system in City Hall failed during a scheduled inspection and testing. It was
determined after follow up assessment that the system was irreparable and needed to be replaced. The
total estimated cost and budget to replace the system was $550,000.

The entire project took 11 months to complete with the majority of the work being performed on nights
and weekends to minimize impacts to City business.


Info Memo - Unpaid Leave Questions (PDF)

Can the City place Oakland police officers on leave without pay immediately following
uses of lethal force against unarmed persons?

The City has a longstanding practice of placing permanent public employees on
administrative leave with pay following serious incidents while the City investigates.
The City’s practice results from the 1975 California Supreme Court decision in Skelly v.
State Personnel Board, and subsequent court cases and is memorialized in the
Administration Instruction No. 521 (“AI 521”). This policy

and practice extends to all of the City’s permanent employees, not just police officers.

Under AI 521, any termination or disciplinary suspension that might subsequently result from the
incident is subject to the Skelly procedure. Accordingly, after the shift in question, the
City would place the employee on paid leave if the City determined the employee should
not return to work pending the investigation and discipline process.


Info Memo - 2016 Pothole Blitz (PDF)

Oakland Public Works Bureau of Infrastructure and Operations is providing an update on the upcoming 2016 Pothole Blitz. El Nino rains have faded, but they’ve left behind many potholes, which the City will work to address, in part through our annual blitz. The first weeklong Pothole Blitz event will commence on June 13, 2016 in East Oakland’s District 7. The final weeklong blitz will end July 29th in North Oakland’s Council District 1. OPW’s Streets & Sidewalks crews will spend one week in each respective Council District, progressing east to west across the City.

The strategy will focus on completing as many of the existing outstanding service requests as possible, and to meet the goal of 2,500 potholes repaired by the end of the blitz.

Also, staff will be completing street patching and crack sealing at selected locations as needed to complete outstanding service requests. It is important to note that these are short term fixes: the most lasting way to repair damaged streets is through repaving. There are 831 miles of City maintained streets in Oakland, and the backlog of streets needing work is $443 million and growing.


Info Memo - Rate Increases for Zero Waste Services (PDF)

Effective July 1, 2016, all customers receiving Zero Waste Services from California Waste
Solutions (CWS) and Waste Management of Alameda County (WMAC) will see an increase in
their rates. This is an annual rate adjustment provided for in the contracts with the two
companies. The increases are comprised of an indexed-base annual adjustment and additional
approved adjustments that recover the costs of:

 Deferring the Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment in the first year of the contract;
 Providing lower initial rates in first year of the contract; and
 Increasing wages and benefits for recycling sorters represent


Info Memo - Follow-up Information from JP Morgan (PDF)

The purpose of this memorandum is to share information provided by J.P. Morgan Chase, N.A.
(“JPMorgan” or the “Bank”) regarding their banking, lending, and community development
activities in Oakland. Per the Finance and Management Committee (the “Committee”) meeting
on January 12, 2016, attached is an initial “Q&A” sheet provided by JPMorgan in response to
requests for information from members of the Committee, City Council, and Oakland


Info Memo - Smart Oakland Project (PDF)

On December 7, 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) issued a notice of
funding opportunity entitled, “Beyond Traffic: The Smart City Challenge”. According to the
notice, “The USDOT will make an award of up to $40 Million…for one mid-sized city that can
demonstrate how advanced data and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies and
applications can be used to reduce congestion, keep travelers safe, protect the environment,
respond to climate change, connect underserved communities, and support economic vitality.”

Because of the unique nature of the grant, the support from so many others, and the short
timeframe for submittal of proposals, the Office of the Mayor and Oakland Public Works will
lead an open-source collaborative writing initiative called the “Smart Oakland” project.
Everyone is invited to participate and contribute to this collective effort to envision a Smart(er)

The project will be hosted on “Google Docs,” a free Web-based document management
platform, so anyone with access to the Internet can offer ideas, share information, develop copy,
commit resources, propose partnerships, comment, share or simply follow along. Those who are
not able to access this resource are invited to contact Michael Ford the Smart Oakland project
manager directly by calling (510) 238-7670


Info Memo - Citywide Impact Fee Update (PDF)

The City is considering adopting impact fees related to affordable housing, transportation,
and capital facilities including imposing such fees on development applications that are
already submitted, pursuant to the California Subdivision Map Act (Government Code
Section 66474.2(b)).

Development impact fees are a commonly used method of collecting a proportional share of
funds from new development for infrastructure improvements and/or other public facilities. With
rare exceptions, development impact fees are one-time funds restricted to funding capital costs
for new facilities or upgrades to existing facilities, and are not used for annual operations and/or
maintenance. Impact fees may only be charged to new development and that the funds
collected must be expended on improvements needed as a result of the new development.


Info Memo - El Niño Preparations (PDF)

Weather forecasters are predicting this year’s [2015] El Niño will bring significant rainfall and strong
winds – the kind of conditions that may result in flooding, landslides, and downed trees and
power lines throughout the City. The City of Oakland is preparing in advance to mitigate the
impacts of severe weather and to protect residents, businesses and properties. While we cannot
predict specific impacts to Oakland, we do know that preparedness is the key to resiliency. We
are urging residents and businesses to prepare -- before heavy rains begin.

This memo provides information about steps the City is taking to prepare for El Niño and strong
winter storms, and summarizes the communications efforts underway.