February 2020: Reauthorization of Oakland Fund for Children & Youth (Kids First)

Publish Date: Apr, 14 2020

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On February 18, 2020, Council passed my ordinance to reauthorize the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY / Kids First) which in 2019 alone served over 25,000 kids and 2,000 families and caregivers across 200 programs sites. OFCY funding supports hundreds of playgroups, after-school, summer, leadership, job training, and work programs. In District 2 for example, it makes possible the play group of 100 families with babies and toddlers at San Antonio Family Recreation Center who getstogether for play-based learning and help navigating school, housing, and family issues. OFCY also impacts Oakland High, where funding has supported case management with hundreds of students to address homelessness, home violence, community violence, and challenging family dynamics. See full details on Ordinance #13588.