Analysis of Health Impacts and Safety Risks and Other Issues/Concerns Related to the Transport, Handling, Transloading, and Storage of Coal and/or Petroleum Coke (Petcoke) in Oakland and at the Proposed Oakland Bulk & Oversized Terminal (2016)

Publish Date: Sep, 13 2019

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The report by Dr. Zoe Chafe, MPH, Ph.D., outlines the characteristics of coal and its components, the human health effects and safety risks, the health effects and safety risks of coal or petcoke in Oakland, information on coal-related emergencies, challenges with coal dust mitigation proposals, harms associated with Transpacific pollution from East Asia to the Bay Area, and finally, some of the global and regional effects of burning coal, including global warming.

The information in Dr. Chafe’s analysis, along with other information and analyses, offer substantial justification to enact an ordinance to protect the health and safety of our residents and workers.

The Ordinance was unanimously adopted by Councilmembers present at the June 27th Special Council Meeting (2016).