7/17/2020: Telegraph KONO Interim Improvements info sheet (PDF)

Publish Date: Jul, 17 2020

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Fact Sheet

Telegraph Avenue is a special place in Oakland, where we come together to create community and support commerce. It is also a high-injury network corridor, where we have a shared urgency to provide safe transportation for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, local businesses and residents – and where a recent tragic crash demands immediate action. The City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) has heard loud and clear from this community that safety is the top priority for our streets and sidewalks, and we will continue to listen and collaborate on solutions. OakDOT is finishing up a permanent design for Telegraph Avenue from 20th St. to 29th St. that will be constructed in 2021. In the meantime, the Department will install interim treatments in 2020 that address lessons learned from the 2016 street design currently on Telegraph Ave.