2600 Telegraph Ave CEQA Exemption Analysis (June 2020)

Publish Date: Jun, 03 2020

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The project applicant TAC 2600 Telegraph, LLC, is proposing to redevelop two parcels in downtown Oakland with a mixed-use development on Telegraph Avenue between 27th and 26th streets at 2600–2630 Telegraph Avenue (Case File #PLN19283).

The project is referred to as the 2600 Telegraph Avenue project (Proposed Project) and would be an approximately 255,199-gross-square-foot, eight‐story mixed‐use residential building, up to 90 feet in height. The Proposed Project would include 225 residential units—approximately 223,274 square feet of residential uses—and approximately 6,039 square feet of commercial space. The Proposed Project would provide approximately 9,926 square feet of open space. It would include up to 166 vehicle parking spaces and 66 secure bicycle parking spaces. The project site is currently developed with an approximately 19,600-square-foot single-story (plus basement) commercial building and surface parking lot with approximately 59 parking spaces.

This California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Analysis evaluates the Proposed Project. The Proposed Project is eligible for CEQA streamlining and/or tiering provisions under CEQA Guidelines Section 15183, which provides for streamlined review when a project is consistent with a Community or General Plan and its development density, and the impacts of project have been analyzed in a certified program EIR. The Proposed Project is also eligible for CEQA streamlining and/or tiering provisions under CEQA Guidelines Section 15183.3 that is applicable to certain qualified infill projects and limits the topics that are subject to review at the project level, provided the effects of infill development have been addresses in a planning level decision, or by uniformly applying development policies or standards.